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sage reads — august 13

August 13, 2008

Mama Speaks has a review up of Eco-Friendly Families. I’ll be adding that to my library book queue (a Google Doc where I keep my library’s URL, my card number, and a list of all the books I want to check out so that I can easily request a book online or double check the name of an author when I’m actually at the library).

We’ve talked about checking the Taylortown Coupon Preview to see if the Sunday paper is worth buying for your household. If you do pick up a paper, what do you do with the coupons you know you won’t use? If you have the time and inclination, you can swap or join a coupon train at Organic Grocery Deals or Hot Coupon World. If you just want to pass them on to a good cause, consider this reminder from Hooray for Free-bates! and Chief Family Officer, intended for expired coupons but that would work just as well for unwanted products:

Instead of throwing the coupons away, please consider sending them on to The Happy Housewife. She will forward them to military families overseas, who can use the coupons at the commissary or base exchange for six months after the expiration date.

The Crafty Crow gave another suggestion for repurposing cereal boxes, this time for drawer dividers. I’m especially looking forward to trying this with the larger-than-normal boxes you get at Costco. Another fun project you don’t need a lot of crafting supplies or a sewing machine for is the outlined placement at Ohdeeoh. I love the modern look of these, and imagine they’d be as helpful in table-setting as boundary-keeping when my triplets are older.

And finally, Eco Child’s Play writes up Gaia Herbs Lactate Support, a product near and dear to my heart. For me, it wasn’t a silver bullet, but it definitely helped. If you’re struggling with your milk supply, I wouldn’t hesitate to give this product a try.

It looks like much of the internet is thinking about back to school right now, and many blogs are discussing, in one form or another, lunches with less waste.

There is a fantastic post at Want Not right now covering all of the options I was going to post here. Conservation counts on the web, too, so hop on over to the lovely Mir’s site and check out the original question, her suggestions, and the bountiful comments. Ask Moxie also covered the topic with amazing detail and insightful comments last September.

Two Green Chickens posts a pattern from the Small Object, I see how this could be done easily with tablecloths and fabric sourced at tag sales and thrift stores. Time to finally get that new sewing machine! And the Etsy Spotlight today is on all sorts of mama-made and vintage lunch items, too.

So now that you have the perfect bento box for your grade schooler, what are you to do when they’d rather eat the standard (and pretty unexceptional) school lunch fare? I’ll gather up links for greening your school lunch program and post on that soon!

Ooh, some organic grocery coupons! Dealicious Mom shares this survey from Naturally Savvy which promises

FREE samples and/or coupons from the following natural and organic companies:

Nature’s Path
Dr. Ken’s
Blue Diamond Growers

It’s early and I have to get our older son to the dentist, so this is all I’m seeing out there right now. I’ll update later 🙂

Evening update…

Everyone *has* to check this out! Mom is Broke has posted a comprehensive list of healthy and organic coupons today for Web Coupon Wednesday. There are at least 20 coupons, several I’ve never seen before. In addition, she’s hosting her first giveaway, which in this case is 53 “earth conscious” coupons. I know a lot of those would come in handy around here.

It’s been a great day for natural grocery coupons!

sage reads — august 12

August 12, 2008

Living Cheap and Green has a freecycle plug up. I follow our area’s freecycle via email but haven’t participated in awhile. For me, it’s more an opportunity to declutter to someone who will really get use out of an item, rather than to accumulate more items at no cost. Either way, we all win.

Michelle’s post today at Leaving Excess hit close to home. I am definitely still finding my balance as a new mom-to-four.

Plum Pudding has a cool project to reuse cereal boxes. The envelope min-tutorial is a great idea for sending photos so they won’t get bent.

Some great freebies for your Tuesday…

Need some Post It notes? Might as well get some made from recycled paper, and certainly might as well get them free

Medela is offering a BPA-free bottle for free! I am not clear on if this is a storage or feeding bottle, but I know either will come in handy for any pumping or breastfeeding family.

Edited to add:

Not free, but Baby Steals has organic BabyLegs for $7.50, or about half off retail. They seem to have this offer every few weeks or so with different patterns (I like the plain cranberry available today, they’ll go with almost anything), and they invariably sell out since BabyLegs are so useful. If only I had any girls…

sage reads — august 11

August 11, 2008

Ohdeeoh pointed me towards a fun project at good + happy day, a mail kit for preschoolers to create notes for friends and family members. My 3.5 year old is an avid stamper and we have lots of out-of-town family, plus I love the idea of cutting up packinging or magazines for him to resuse. Maybe I’ll make two, one for his cousin in the Mountain states who would be on the receiving end of a lot of his notes.

Mommy Making Money did a good write-up of Once a Month Cooking. When I go back to work (soon!), this is definitely something I am going to do, especially since it is very compatible with fall/winter eating. Right now, I don’t want anything made ahead and frozen when there is so much fresh and wonderful around us.

Surely You Nest takes on school fundraisers and provides a wealth of greener options. As a first time school parent this year, I’m betting this is going to be a new issue for us. Exciting to know there are better options than magazines and reams of wrapping paper!

Organic Mania is offering a Twitter feed in case you want to hear where she’s spotting low cost organic groceries as it happens. I have yet to sign up for Twitter, but this is making me consider giving it a shot…